About Us

We prefer not to disclose who we are, because there are certain people who would like to remove this website or the FIFA 22 coin generator. Here is a message to those people who want to take us down:

We didn’t invent the FIFA 22 hack. We didn’t develop it. Instead of hunting those people who are sharing cheats and hacks you should ask yourself why there are people who are actually searching for the FIFA 22 coin generator. How about there is absolutely no equality in the game? How about it became pay to win? How about people are seriously pissed off?

The FIFA 22 hack helps everyone to get free coins and points. Not everyone is so privileged to spend a huge amount of money just for points. Not everyone can waste time and money for this game. Some people are working hard to survive and all they want to do is enjoy playing the game. Unfortunately, FUT 22 and EA are promoting inequality. They make it much easier for those gamers who are able to spend a lot of money for FUT points and they are making it incredibly difficult for those who are not able to open hundreds of packs!

If you have any questions, feel free to message us on here!

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